Engelse oud Premier Edward Heath, pedofiel en kindermoordenaar

 Savile and Heath.

Wat door David Icke  sinds 1998 al beweerd werd wordt  door advocaat Michael Shrimpton bevestigd. Michael is een Intelligence and national security consultant en spreekt in onderstaand interview openlijk over Edward Heath, oud premier van Engeland als zijnde een pedofiel en kindermoordenaar.  Michael geeft bijzondere aandacht aan het feit dat kinderen die door beroemdheden, zoalsl politici, misbruikt werden nadien vermoord werden zodat de identiteit van de misbruikers niet aan het licht zouden komen.  

Lees onder het interview een deel van de gesproken tekst.

Michael Shrimpton:

If the children are and I am afraid with paedophilia we sometimes have babies being abused but if you are not talking babies, you are talking toddlers who are able to recognise the people that are abusing them ... since you are talking about people who are on television, people who are high profile, you have to murder the children in order to protect your asset.

So for the Germans [I would say Rothschilds] it was essential that the boys ... were being taken onto the yacht [for] a death ride. When Jimmy Savile was taking let's say a fourteen year old boy down to Morning Cloud, handing him over to Edward Heath or a member of the crew on the yacht, it was a death ride, that was that boy's last journey on earth because there was no way in the world with him recognising Edward Heath that he could be allowed back on shore and Savile must have known this ...

 Lenny Harper

Aanvulling Icke: Lenny Harper was the deputy head of Jersey police who had his career destroyed for the crime of genuinely investigating what happened to children at Haut de la Garenne. He searched for graves, but none were found because Michael Shrimpton said there weren't any:

The boys were in fact being taken to a boat, it happened to be Edward Heath's boat or yacht and they were murdered and thrown overboard so there is no point sadly in looking for their grave ... they don't have any grave except the sea.

That's why the BBC and the Cabinet Office have been so keen to protect Savile; that is why the cabinet office in the 1980s were willing to back Savile to the point of giving him a position of authority at Broadmoor [a high-security psychiatric hospital] ... you don't put a paedophile in charge of Broadmoor. It's like putting a lunatic in charge of the asylum or a drunk in charge of a brewery or David Cameron in charge of a government ...

Aanvulling Icke: Shrimpton rightly said that Lenny Harper was a very competent and very courageous police officer who 'was up against a Cabinet Office-backed paedophile ring and the investigation that he was conducting was at some professional risk ...

... Indeed I suspect his life was also at risk at one point because he was getting close to some very uncomfortable truths about people in the Cabinet Office, GO2 [British Intelligence] in London and certain people in Jersey in the German network.

Aanvulling Icke: Shrimpton says that Heath's paedophilia and murder of children was covered up by his Cabinet Secretary John Hunt, Baron Hunt of Tanworth, who Shrimpton says was also a paedophile. There are interesting parallels between Hunt and Savile.

Hunt was appointed by the Queen to be a Companion, Knight Commander and Knight Grand Cross of the British Order of chivalry known as The Most Honourable Order of the Bath of which the Queen is the head and Prince Charles the Grand Master. Hunt was also given a Papal Knighthood by Pope John Paul II - so was Jimmy Savile who was also knighted by the Queen.

 Savile and John Paul II


Bron: http://youtu.be/QNelt33QP_8